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Success of Vaccine Management Program Proves that Creativity and Change is Possible

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Employees everywhere sometimes feel that established ways will never change. A Saskatchewan Ministry of Health Lean team proved, however, that real change is not only possible, but with dedication and openness to think differently, it is possible to transform services.

In a project sponsored by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health, a cross-functional team of employees led the transformation of their Vaccine Management Program. A 5S process created more storage space for new vaccines, and a strong teamwork culture emerged. Then the team took on improving the routing system for delivering vaccines, and in total, saved $1.28 million over the 2009-2010 fiscal year.

“It was a huge process change, and we were able to break through the belief that we can’t change things, and that the ability to create change is beyond our control,” says team leader, Leslie Grob. “…having them work on the solutions really builds that buy-in – they feel good about the changes.”

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