Strategic Thinking Yields Continuous Improvement for Mid-America Transplant

Mid-America Transplant is a private, nonprofit organ procurement bank that works with its partner hospitals to procure donated organs and tissues and then provide them to transplant centers and tissue processors.

  • Mid-America Transplant uses data from customers to determine their satisfaction with the donation process. Customer complaints per case have been close to zero since 2013 for eye and tissue donations and declined from approximately 7 percent in 2013 to approximately 3 percent in 2015 for organ donations.
  • Throughout the year, the Mid-America Transplant Strategic Thinking Process involves continuous strategic development, implementation, discussions, environmental scans, industry reviews, and input from key stakeholders. This enables Mid-America Transplant to be agile in identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing change initiatives that respond to strategic challenges and opportunities. Mid-America Transplant consistently achieves close to 100 percent of the action plans derived through the Strategic Thinking Process.
  • The Mid-America Transplant Performance Management System includes transparent cascading scorecards which align organizational goals through individual performance. Staff members and key Mid-America Transplant partners have real-time access to data, advanced reporting services, and customized analytics. This provides for organizational agility and the ability to act on strategic opportunities.

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