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State of Connecticut Successfully Combines Lean and IT Together

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In this interview with Gemba Academy, John Vittner and Alison Fisher discuss how teams must show that they have implemented Lean into the process before applying and getting funding for any information technology (IT) solutions. They made this change to help incentivize agencies to collaborate with each other, instead of “automating the waste.”

By implementing Lean, it helps bring agencies and departments together to break down silos and walls through improved communication, in order to provide great services to their customers and residents.

Lean and IT both fall under the Office of Policy and Management, which is a unique arrangement for most state agencies. After some time, their internal customers now feel supported by Lean and IT, whereas before they might have been viewed as putting up barriers or the “bad guys.”

They also discuss the turnaround in excitement around Lean found with the Department of Banking.

You can watch the video “OPM Talks IT and LEAN” at https://www.gembaacademy.com/guests/state-of-connecticut

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