Standardization across Prison Establishments

In the UK, it was identified that some prisons had implemented very robust and effective processes or tools to help them carry out their roles. However on other sites it was clear that the service was not efficient or effective and that these sites could learn from the best practices established elsewhere.

Multiple site visits were carried out across the UK and undertook a time-in-motion study on 3 key roles; the Site Manager, Site Supervisor and Administration Officer to identify what they do on a day-to-day basis. They identified a number of best practices and built it into the company’s processes and procedures.

From the learnings taken from numerous prisons, the roles and responsibilities were defined and communicated to standardize the requirements of each role.

The benefits after implementing improvements include:

  • Consistent communication regarding roles and responsibilities to provide support for prison teams and enable them to take accountability.
  • Reporting to empower managers to hold their direct reports to account and actively encourage discussions regarding achievements and risks.
  • Improved performance on site through implementation of best practice, new tools and processes to enable front line teams to carry out their roles more effectively. 

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