University of South Carolina streamlines the access-granting process

Leadership at the University of South Carolina chartered a team to streamline the access-granting process, strengthen controls, and improve service and support. Team members used the methods and tools of Lean to map and analyze the current process, uncover inefficiencies, and develop a future-state process that embeds high-impact improvements. The team also built a set of implementation plans and assembled a scorecard of key measures and projected results.

  • The new process will have just 14 steps, compared to the current average of 43 steps. (67% reduction)
  • Time-consuming loopbacks in the process will go from an average of 7 to a maxi- mum of 2. (71% reduction)
  • The new approach eliminates 11 downstream decision points, because needed request info will be received early in the process. (85% reduction)
  • The leaner process will free up an estimated 525 staff hours per year for other work.

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