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Six Sigma Racial Equity Initiative in Indianapolis – Innovation, Agilité & Excellence Podcast

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Joy Mason discusses her background, and her work creating the Six Sigma Racial Equity Initiative with podcast host Veronica Marquez.

The initiative is designed to upskill Black women in the Indianapolis community with strategies and tools for critical thinking and complex problem-solving. Each program cohort includes training and certification provided by a local university.

The instructional part of the initiative includes five full days of training, followed by five months for the completion of a community-based project focused on equity gaps. 

She also shares an example of a project that reduced homelessness using a current and future state value stream mapping exercise to speed up access to homes for 40 families.

You can listen to the podcast here (interview is in English): https://www.intelliaconsulting.com/lean-six-sigma-au-service-de-la-communaute-avec-joy-mason/

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