San Francisco’s Recreation & Parks Department Reorganizes their Maintenance Yard

The Recreation & Parks Department’s Structural Maintenance Yard (SMY) is in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. The SMY had accumulated many unwanted and outdated items that clutter the valuable storage and working spaces, including broken equipment, unused supplies, and scrap materials.

The project team used “fishbone” diagrams and spaghetti maps to analyze the root causes of these issues and brainstormed actions to clean and reorganize the Yard. The team came up with some solutions:

  • Moving the Mowing Shop out of the SMY to create better flow or utilize the space for another function (long-term)
  • Moving the debris bin to open up parking spaces and avoid garbage trucks blocking yard access (long-term)
  • Creating a new yard entrance to reduce traffic bottlenecks and create a safe exit in the event of an emergency

In the months immediately following the event, Rec and Park staff have already made significant progress, including:

  • Organizing a yard-wide clean up day
  • Developing and implementing a Disposal Policy with standards for items and equipment to be removed from the yard
  • Documenting how parking is utilized in the Yard, and by whom
  • Turning in old, broken equipment that was taking up storage space
  • Cleaning out bays to use storage space in a more efficient manner

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