Safeguarding the Vitality of a Durham (NC) Regional Reservoir Lake

A premature lake, never heard of it? Michelle Woolfolk is a water resources engineer for the City of Durham, NC, who’s mission is to prevent eutrophication (algae blooms from water overly enriched with minerals and nutrients). Decomposing algae robs the water of oxygen, sometimes suffocating fish and causing the lake to age too quickly.

Falls Lake is reservoir located in the Neuse River Basin which provide drinking water for thousands of people.

Woolfolk and her team monitors this lake, upon collecting data they have discovered that there are abnormalities within the lake and that’s how they discovered that the lake is aging prematurely. What can they do to prevent this phenomenon?

They used JMP software to analyze their data, and when the graphs indicate high levels of phosphorus, she notifies officials in neighboring municipalities.

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