Safeguarding the Skies

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA ) analyzes air traffic data to help planes keep their distance and improves automation of air traffic systems and supports air traffic controllers with more accurate and timely information.

The FAA uses JMP® statistical discovery software to retrieve and examine millions of pieces of data from its air traffic control centers and from around the globe.

When air traffic controllers who are subsequently guiding the aircraft need to make decisions to avoid conflicts – aircraft flying too close to each other, for example – the information at their disposal is not always accurate. Errors of up to 30 nautical miles are common, according to analysis of data within the automation systems in the US and Europe.

As air traffic control systems employ more automation and takeoffs increase, JMP is helping the FAA mine the data gathered from previous flights to make future ones safer.

“The international collaboration that took place to perform these studies is the type of global cooperation that will be needed to address the increase in traffic internationally.”

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