Rejection: A Path Toward Innovation in Customer Service

The Department of Public Works in the City and County of Denver handles contract compliance. Contract compliance ensures that contractors who work with the city are in compliance with their professional services and construction contracts. This compliance process used to include formal letters and a lot of waiting.

An employee in the contract compliance department wanted to make the process more efficient. They made some improvement suggestions such as changing the mailing of formal letters to an email instead. The department also implemented a tracking method in the database to monitor the rejections they process, and can now note trends and improvements.

The improvements resulted in:

  • Rejections went from taking 13 days to process – down to 6.9 days
  • Cutting those four days saves $2,000 per rejected invoice

The team realized that working with their customers to accomplish a shared objective makes it easier and more desirable for contractors to do business with the City and County of Denver.

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