Recap of 2017 IISE Volunteer Event at Pittsburgh Food Bank

by Brion Hurley

The 5th Annual IISE Sustainable Development Division volunteer event took place at the Greater Pittsburgh (PA) Community Food Bank on May 20, 2017. Read about last year’s volunteer event here.

A total of twenty-nine (29) conference attendees arrived one day in advance of the IISE Annual Conference, in order to volunteer their industrial engineering, systems engineering and process improvement skills (Lean, Continuous Improvement, Six Sigma) to help the food bank evaluate the efficiency of their processes.

The event was organized by Christopher Hritz, who is a member of the local IISE Pittsburgh chapter’s leadership team. He has been a volunteer with the food bank for a couple years, and he reached out to Food Bank community engagement coordinator Beci Russell to see if they were interested in our help. They worked together to determine the best way to structure the event, in order to maximize the impact we could have during the 2-hour session.

The areas that the food bank said they wanted help with were: 1) Backpack Kitting, 2) Entrance Lobby and 3) Warehouse redesign proposal evaluation.

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