Québec Public Mothers’ Milk Bank Able to Support More Premature Babies with Help from an Unlikely Partner: Toyota

Héma-Québec’s Public Mother’s Milk Bank provides breast milk donated by new mothers, to Québec hospitals caring for premature babies born at 32 weeks or earlier, whose mothers are unable to breastfeed.

Héma-Québec’s goal was to achieve an annual output of 4,000 litres of milk – an amount that would meet the needs of Québec’s premature babies. By learning how to identify and solve problems using the principles of the Toyota Production System, Héma-Québec was able to achieve key improvements such as:

  • A 20% increase in the distribution of donated milk to partnering hospitals from the milk bank within one year. 
  • An almost 500% increase in capacity of production output. Héma-Québec began the partnership with the ability to produce a projected volume of 700 litres of milk per year, and now the milk bank is well on its way to its 4,000-litre per year goal. 
  • Double the daily production capacity (from one batch production a day to two batches) with the implementation of standardized process steps.

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