Providing a Consistent On-boarding Experience for Denver Tax Auditors

When Denver Green Belt Sophia Hassman became a tax audit supervisor two years ago, she took over the training of new staff tax auditors. Because of increased hires the audit unit needed to change and structure the process for a group format and define everything so nothing was forgotten.

She created a manual with direct links for new staff auditors that has defined expectations and checklists. This manual is fluid and updated regularly, to update links and include new material. The guide then sets out expectations and a workflow diagram for specified training. It even has a checklist of tasks for audits conducted solely by the new employee (and overseen by the training supervisor).

This ‘New Staff Tax Auditor Manual’ is an excellent representation of standard work, helping to ensure new employees receive consistent training and are clear on what is expected of them the first several months on the job. It is a great example of a new employee on-boarding manual.

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