Panel Discussion on Unlocking Process Excellence in Canadian Municipalities – RPM-Academy

The panel discussion, hosted by Rod Morgan of RPM-Academy, offers insights and real-world experiences as three seasoned municipal continuous improvement leaders – Brenda Stonehouse (City of Kawartha Lakes), Michael Norman (City of London), and Kenneth Leung (City of Mississauga)– share their journey in deploying Lean methodologies in the Canadian municipal sector. From discussing the evolution of Lean in municipalities and some of the challenges one might expect to changing culture, adapting to the massive, disruptive changes occurring today, and some of the key lessons learned, the panel discussion provided insight on the challenges of implementing and sustaining a Lean continuous improvement culture.

Brenda Stonehouse from the City of Kawartha Lakes is a strategy and continuous improvement professional with experience in government, business and the non-profit sector. Brenda is a Lean Master Black Belt with over 10 years experience in continuous improvement and is currently the Manager of Strategy and Innovation for the City of Kawartha Lakes. She also teaches Lean and Strategic Planning at Fleming College as part of their Peak Leadership Program.

Kenneth Leung from the City of Mississauga is a certified Lean Master Black Belt and Professional Engineer. Ken is passionate about continuous improvement and is experienced in the public and private sectors, manufacturing, and service companies. As Lean Program Manager at the City of Mississauga, he is responsible for the design, execution, progress and results of the program, with the ultimate goal of strengthening the continuous improvement culture and delivering more value to the community.

Mike Norman is an experienced and motivated process improvement specialist with a wide range of experience in automotive, healthcare and is currently Executive Manager of Strategic Initiatives with the LDCSB. Leveraging his 25 years of leadership experience which includes developing and deploying City of London’s and St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital’s Lean continuous improvement programs, Mike leads the development and deployment of performance metrics, roles and responsibilities, and knowledge transfer of lean tools and techniques while continually adding value as defined by the customer. He is now working for the London District Catholic School Board.

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