No More “Belts” for Process Improvement Skill Development in the State of Vermont – JIT Cafe

Does your Lean Six Sigma training structure help the organization sustain improvement gains? Do you struggle with the “one-and-done” trend where Green Belts complete a project, get a certificate, and then fade from the problem-solving culture?

The State of Vermont has experimented with a different path for their Lean and Six Sigma training program. They decided to move away from the traditional belt program (i.e. Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt) which can be a time-intensive learning path, as it didn’t always meet individual learning needs.

They invested in development opportunities that were flexible and customizable, and share the successes of using a badge-based program that magnified performance gains for the organization.

Watch or listen to this 1-hour interview to discover how Performance Improvement Advisor Katie Bockwoldt and Chief Performance Officer Justin Kenney of the State of Vermont used the Dreyfus Model to helped develop and implement the transition.


  • Common problems with continuous improvement training
  • Overview of the Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition
  • Vermont’s new badge-based continuous improvement training program
  • Ongoing development opportunities outside of formal training
  • Technical software training and resources

You can watch the video below, or go to or listen to the podcast at

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