Nebraska DOT getting success with 5S

The Nebraska Department of Transportation (DOT) Process Improvement recently shared a short video at their annual Project Managers conference on the success we have had with 5S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain), especially in our District 2, South 108th St. Yard in Omaha.

Overall, they’ve had pretty good success with the 5S program despite the typical skeptic or two at a new facility to begin a project.

Keys to success include outreach and constant communication on the benefits of 5S, success stories and lessons learned from previous projects. They found it is important to truly fit 5S into the culture of the organization so that it becomes the “way we do business”.

To be able to sustain the gains, tools are put away into their shadow boards during the week, to reduce the amount of time it takes to clean up each Friday.

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