National Health Service (NHS) – Water Safety & Compliance Transformation

An NHS Foundation Trust wanted to make improvements to the physical infrastructure and the water management processes as the department struggled with issues such as: unclear processes, lack of data and not being able to deliver in a timely manner.

A centralized asset list was created and Weekly Water Hygiene Meetings were used to communicate and reinforce the new processes internally and with subcontractors. These regular meetings allowed for accountability for performance and for the identification of any new risks and issues.

Within 3 months, they were able to bring the water management process to a stable state and the benefits achieved included:

  • Improved Water Management compliance by 20%
  • Improved Water Management assurance
  • Improved record keeping and document management relating to Water Management using a newly designed Tracker tool and Model Office
  • Transitioned from a paper-based system which was cumbersome and prone to error, to an electronic database of statutory records
  • Standardization of the Water Management process across two hospitals in the Trust to ensure data accuracy and consistency
  • Informed the evidence base for the Premises Assurance Model

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