Make Using Lean Thinking to Help Solve Societal Problems Your New Year’s Resolution

Lean consultant Christopher Chapman shares some inspiring words for 2021. He asks us to “reflect on lessons learned, in true kaizen fashion, and consider the most impactful problems to tackle in 2021.”

He points to President-elect Joe Biden’s top priorities for his administration for guidance on where to prioritize our efforts in 2021:

  • Control the coronavirus
  • Build prosperity
  • Secure your family’s health care
  • Achieve racial justice and root out systemic racism in this country
  • Save the climate
  • Restore decency, defend democracy, and give everybody in this country a fair shot

The systemic and systematic thinking and change management skills we possess and our experience coaching cross-functional teams across various divisions are crucial to solving complex societal problems.  

During the pandemic, he mentions that some states seemed to follow a more structured, scientific-based approach, while others used traditional (and outdated) “go-with-the-gut” approach.

He discusses how Lean methods have been important during critical times of our history, such as World War II, the COVID pandemic and climate change.

Chapman’s focus in 2021 is to “redouble my efforts to use lean thinking and practice to help organizations eradicate systemic racism.”

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