Loudoun County Animal Shelter Makes the Pet Adoption Process more Efficient

The Loudoun County Animal Shelter in Virginia had a significant increase in the number of dog licenses purchased as a direct result from legislation passed requiring veterinarians to submit vaccination certificates to their locality. Their process for pet adoptions had become bogged down and the front counter staff were feeling overwhelmed.

An employee that had taken Black Belt classes, led the front counter staff through Process Mapping. Once they started mapping they were amazed to see how many Non-Value Added activities there were in the process.

The staff was able to find many ways to make their work more efficient by reconfiguring forms, moving the location of files, and eliminating redundant processes. Some of the results they achieved:

  • Switched to auto generating email notices which reduced their mailings and created a cost savings of $2,117 in just 7 months
  • The process to upload a picture for lost and found pet reports went from 2 minutes to 10 seconds and also saved server space
  • Adoption application went from 4 pages to two
  • Adoption Process went from 20 minutes to about five minutes
  • Customer service staff are much happier

Read the entire article at https://denpeakacademy.com/2016/05/09/q-a-with-donna-levesque-administrative-manager-with-louden-county-animal-services/

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