Lean Thinking for Quicker Police Emergency Response Time

The Newport News Police Department went through a kaizen event to help them improve their booking process. Their goal was to get police officers back on the street more quickly, in order to respond to community emergencies in a more timely manner.

Changes that were made included:

  • Move the booking process responsibilities from police officers to deputies
  • Have an assigned sheriff position created to help with arrestees
  • Bring the initial medical assessment step of the process up earlier
  • Improve flow of the parking and entrance into the facility
  • Clearly define requirements when hospital treatment is needed prior to booking

The initial changes resulted in a better process for everyone and over 3,000 hours of annual savings in police officer time (this is the equivalent of 1 ½ extra police officers on the street). Finally, the team established an Intake Advisory Team (IAT) to help implement recommendations and continue reducing processing times.

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