Lean Team Optimizes Fueling Facilities Across Connecticut To Save Time and Money

The Lean team was put together from representatives from 3 different agencies within the State of Connecticut to look at the 108 fueling facilities to see if there were opportunities to share, combine or eliminate facilities in order to reduce fueling time for staff, and reduce costs.

A current state map of the locations of the facilities was put together, represented by different colors for the agency that managed it.

In their future state map (good state), they found opportunities to reduce 20% of the underground storage tanks in the facilities that were close to each other.

In their ideal state map (great state), they would like to have one agency manage all the facilities (perhaps the DOT) in order to streamline processes and make management easier for everyone. It would also cut the number of facilities down to 50, about 50% reduction.

You can watch the 6-minute video called “2016 Lean Showcase – Connecticut State Police” at https://www.gembaacademy.com/guests/state-of-connecticut