Reducing Position Eligibility Review Time by 30% with Kimberly Fleming

Kimberly Fleming works for the Retirement Team at King County in the state of Washington.

The Position Eligibility Worksheet was a huge pain point for everyone involved in the Retirement Position Eligibility program. The team was tasked with creating value stream maps of processes within their department to identify waste.

After reviewing the form with the 8 Wastes in mind, she was able to identify more waste than expected, so she decided to take a big step back and look at the entire process. They realized all that they were required by law to do was to make the eligibility determination. They were responsible to document it, keep it, and provide information from request. And that was it.

She also found that over 70% of the process steps were non-value add, and that she was a bottleneck in her very own process!

The Retirement Team was able to eliminate the PEW form altogether, since all necessary information contained on the forms was already stored in their new internal software.

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