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Reducing Fuel Reconciliation Time From 10 Hours to 30 Minutes

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This business process improvement project was spearheaded by Anna Fisher, who is a Financial Consultant at Washington State Department of Transportation, also known as WSDOT. Anna and her team set out to reduce lead time for fuel reconciliation. 

It was a very manual and time-consuming process. It was overdue to be automated and was associated with issues and complaints.

They used DMAIC and SIPOC tools that helped scope the problem and helped to pinpoint what and where to measure. Through Lean, they looked at the process, the systems, and started to identify ways and opportunities for improvement.

They cut 10 hours of processing time to 30 minutes. Out of 63 original steps, they have cut it down to 19 steps.

Anna shared a few valuable concepts from working on this project:

  • Have a sponsorship for the project and have approval
  • Follow all the DMAIC steps in order and don’t skip any of them.
  • Contribute time to the workshops to make sure enough time is spent on each of the steps.

Watch the video above, or read the transcript at https://goleansixsigma.com/success-story-reducing-lead-time-fuel-reconciliation-10-hours-30-minutes-anna-fisher/

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