LA County Reduces Lead Time for Completing Technical Service Requests by 98%

Abigail Calderon is the Administrative Assistant and Lean Six Sigma Consultant for the Administrative Bureau of the LA County Clerk’s office. Jennifer Storm works in the Budget Section of the office.

When Abigail filled out a Technical Service Request form, she realized the process required her to complete the form twice—once on paper and another electronically. She decided to take on improving this process alongside Jennifer, who was also motivated to improve the process.

After creating a Swimlane Map and measuring the process, Abigail and Jennifer found that it only took roughly 4 hours to have all necessary parties review the form. The other 42 days were all waiting time.

After determining the best improvements, they came up with the following results:

  • Process was reduced from 15 to 2 steps and could be completed within 1 day (versus 43 days)
  • They eliminated 70% of the paper traffic involved with IT requests

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