Increasing Audit Processing Time by 68%

Due to the rapid growth of their organization, Lynne and her process improvement team sought to increase the work done in the amount of another person without being to be able to hire for said person.

After initial research, Emmons found:

  • The team was currently doing about 283 different deliverables – ranging from audits, licensing, meeting, attendance, and trainings.
  • The processes that were taking the most amount of time were audits.
  • With the low threshold of staff, the team ran into situations where the deliverables went beyond the deadline

Lean Six Sigma Tools Used: Data Collection Plan, Process Walk, Pareto Chart, Value Stream Map5 Whys, Fishbone Diagram, Value-Added Flow Analysis, Root Cause Hypothesis. Impact Effort Matrix, Monitor & Response Plan, Project Charter, SIPOC, Gemba Walk, Voice of the Customer

The Improvement Results:

  • QM Audits on average decreased from 12.4 hours to 4 hours to complete
  • With savings of 17 hrs/wk, QM implemented 7 new audits, increased the frequency of 7 audits and produced 8 Customer Improvements
  • These improvements led to a total savings of $30,768 in paid wages and increased employee satisfaction on reports by 25% and QI by 14%

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