Improving Supply Purchasing Process for Childcare Nonprofit Saves $15K

Angie Grabiec of Cape Cod Child Development applied Lean Six Sigma in the nonprofit world of Childcare. She wanted to change the supply purchasing process to provide outstanding products with less cost which will improve revenue and the facilities for children and families.

An Implementation Plan was used to streamline supply orders. Other Lean Six Sigma tool used were the Box Plot, Swimlane Map, Fishbone Diagram and To Be Swim Map.

Controlling the spending saved money and time for staff. They implemented a change in vendors, purchased products once a week, and double-checked invoices. They installed dishwashers at every facility and stopped buying paper products, which saved about $1,500 a month.

While looking at their Verizon bill, they saw WiFi sticks for people who were not using them. They took away the unused sticks and the cost savings through Verizon was approximately $15,000 a year. That savings was enough to pay for a mortgage payment. They were able to give all 250 employees a $25 Amazon gift card and best of all, give raises.

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