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In-Kind Receipt Reporting Accuracy Improved by 100% in Cape Cod

1 min read

Learn how Brenda MacIsaac from Cape Cod Child Development used Lean Six Sigma to improve reporting accuracy on in-kind receipts from 50% to 98%.

The receipts have been received sporadically, not filled out completely, and regularly contain inaccurate financial data. Current cycle time can take 20 days in a 30 day cycle which interrupts completion of the non-federal share calculation.

They made spaghetti diagrams and fishbone diagrams.

Some improvements made were that static fields are now pre-filled to prevent confusion, and each center has its own form with center relevant information to prevent confusion and reporting inaccuracies.

June’s data (pre-implementation) showed a 50% rate of correct forms while July’s data (post-implementation) shows a 98% rate of correct forms. Every month since has had 100%.

Watch the 30 minute video above, or read the transcript at https://goleansixsigma.com/success-story-improving-in-kind-reporting-accuracy-by-100-with-brenda-macisaac/

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