Lean IT in Benin’s public administration reduces dropped calls and increases customer satisfaction

The Agency for Information Services and Systems (Agence des Services et Systèmes d’information – ASSI) is a government agency that has been engaged in the digital transformation of Benin since 2016.

What were the problems?

They struggled to develop clear objectives, standardize processes, better manage the different types of requests received, and measure the work they were doing. They also experienced variability in processing times, long lead-times to resolve requests, unhappy customers, and a rate of missed calls of 50%. The scoring they got from the interviews averaged at 6.6/10 for citizens and 7.4/10 for Agency workers.

What was the plan for improvement?

Training on lean IT and Agile principles and techniques were provided to the team. A three-day workshop was conducted, which included a simulation in which they put themselves in the customer’s shoes. This helped them see the waste that was hiding in their processes, and they became motivated to improve customer satisfaction.

Supported by a coach, they developed and implemented new practices. They started deploying PDCA thinking to find the causes of the discrepancies.

Requests stock before and after lean

The improvements led to a drop in the lost calls rate from 50% to 25% in less than a month, and they are continually striving to reduce it below the target of 10%. Daily morning meetings were also established to organize around the incoming flow of requests.

What were the results?

After the improvements, they achieved a boost in customer satisfaction and productivity. Customer satisfaction, for example, was 6.6/10 in September 2021 (before they introduced lean) while it is now 8.2/10.

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