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Lean in Higher Education with Thomas Lencki and Dagmar Vlahos – Gemba Academy Podcast

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This week’s guests are Thomas Lencki and Dagmar Vlahos. Thomas has experience with Lean concepts through his time in the Marine Corps and with the New Hampshire State Police and local government. Dagmar received her training with the State of New Hampshire Bureau of Education.

They explained all the powerful ways they use lean in higher education within the University System of New Hampshire.

They touched on increasing engagement with staff and professors, improving the student experience for dropping/adding classes, navigating COVID-era challenges, what a perfect day looks like, and some final words of wisdom for others in higher education.

Listen to the full interview at https://blog.gembaacademy.com/2021/02/11/ga-358-lean-in-higher-education-with-thomas-lencki-and-dagmar-vlahos/

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