Lean in Higher Education at UC San Diego – Process Palooza 2021

This session kicks off with an in-depth interview with Bill Balzer, the author of Lean Higher Education. We’ll ask about:

  • the lean journey at his institution
  • getting support and buy-in
  • case studies and success stories
  • advice for those just starting out

The discussion will conclude by pondering the next frontier of the ultimate university experience with the complete integration of Lean into the core teaching and learning mission. 

The next session is a Pecha Kucha format with Lean in higher education success stories and lessons learned from across the globe. Speakers include:

  • Grace Bryant, University of Canberra  
  • Angus Brown, Imperial College London
  • Megan Mozina, Cresta Solutions
  • Svein Are Tjeldnes, Seniorr ådgiver i University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway

Finally, a former competitor Ana Portlock from the Great LSS Race Show and Tell describes her experience improving a real campus business process. 

Learn more at https://processpalooza.ucsd.edu/process-palooza-21/25-may.html#Host

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