Lean Implementation at the University of Michigan with Lisa Earls

Lisa Earls is the Senior Operational Improvement Consultant at the University of Michigan. She spent almost 5 years at the University of North Dakota before taking this new role in 2019. We discuss how she is helping teach and coach staff at the University of Michigan on lean principles using Everyday Lean Ideas and Daily Huddles.

She discusses a 4-month coaching program where departments within the university system attend 4 hours of training per month, and receive coaching and work on homework between sessions. They cover the following topics: metrics, huddle boards, leadership (gemba) walks, everyday lean ideas, and daily huddles.

You can hear the podcast version at https://leansixsigmaenvironment.org/index.php/e081-lean-implementation-at-the-university-of-michigan-with-lisa-earls/

You can watch the full video of the interview below…