Lean Impact: How to Scale Up Positive Social Change – Interview with LEI

An interview with Ann Mei Chang on her recent book Lean Impact: How to Innovate for Radically Greater Social Good shows how the scientific method and Lean Startup practices help mission-driven organizations scale up the social impact of their work, time, and money.

She talked with LEI’s Chet Marchwinski after her keynote at the 2019 Lean Summit.

“I interviewed organizations, both nonprofit and for-profit, small and big, domestic and international from across all different sectors. What I’ve seen is that when organizations are able to break out of the planning and doing mentality and really start taking on an experimental mentality, they’re able to dramatically increase their impact.

Organizations like Summit Public Schools iterated and improved on their approach to personalized learning to deliver dramatically better results in terms of college graduation rates. An organization in South Africa called Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator is working on youth employment issues and tackling the scourge of youth unemployment and iterating their way to figure out how to reach over 50,000 youth and get them to find their first formal sector job.”

Read the article and watch her video interview at: https://www.lean.org/LeanPost/Posting.cfm?LeanPostId=1040