Lean government: a Dutch city adopts lean thinking

The historical city of Amersfoort in the Netherlands has introduced lean thinking and practice in local government to provide better and faster services to its citizens.

Their lean journey started in one department in late 2009 with two small projects. Even though there was no plan in place at the beginning, it spread like an oil spill as more and more people developed an interest in what they were doing, and asked to become a part of it. It grew organically to touch all of our 20 departments (not all to the same extent) wherever we found supportive department heads.

They developed Yellow Belt training for our people, and now have 350 colleagues that are certified. By May, half of their people will be trained, and before the summer all their middle managers will too.

Read the entire interview: https://planet-lean.com/lean-government-city-amersfoort/