Lean Goes to New Brunswick Community College

The New Brunswick Community College introduced a series of college-level Lean awareness workshops to students. If Lean is introduced to individuals before they enter the workforce then they will have the opportunity to assist management in its effort to bring the change that is necessary to support the transition to Lean. They would bring fresh ideas in to an environment where the ‘we’ve always done it this way’ methods just do not cut it in today’s business environment.

In the workshops, they discussed what makes a successful Lean company, such as:

  • what behaviours are required to succeed in a Lean company
  • what behaviours should be rewarded
  • how Lean champions can have a system wide impact across the enterprise
  • how a traditional company structure is different from that of a Lean company

Theory was reinforced with 4 rounds of Lean simulation including enterprise, process alignment, simulating Lean tools, and finally to a completely Lean, single piece flow consisting of 2 production lines and a mixed model line.

The student’s had positive responses to the training and realized that they had experienced something new that would add significant value not only to themselves but also to the companies where they would soon be employed.

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