Leaders use time-tested business practices to develop church quality

I recently overheard this statement made by a member of a medium sized church: “I’m trying to get an event placed on the church calendar. I’ve asked three people on the church staff how to do this, and each has given me a different answer. How hard can it be?” I suspect most of us have heard this lament or one very similar from staff members or volunteers. For each of these complaints we do hear, how many more are being uttered each week outside of earshot? What is this costing your organization in terms of inefficient use of time and turnover of your team members?

The American corporate world suffers from the same malady, but over the last 20 or more years, it has developed a response — the quality movement. A recent Ford television commercial touts, “And Ford is now equal to Toyota in quality.” This is quite an incredible statement given where Ford was 25 years ago compared to Toyota. Clearly American companies have discovered something important. Why is it important that churches discover these things as well?

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