LA County Reduces Election Day Troubleshooting by 78%

Matt Newhouse from the LA County Registrar/Recorder County Clerk is improving the flow of Election Day, to reduce waste to speed up troubleshooting during elections. He initiated an “Idea Board” to help reduce waste to speed up troubleshooting during elections.

A squad of Election Day Troubleshooters within LA County help to open polling areas if anyone gets sick, and supply precincts with ballots if they run short, or fill-in for no-shows and generally keep democracy functioning. However, they usually ended up spending too much time in their cars navigating between precincts and not enough time helping voters.

To understand the amount of travel involved in canvassing the polling places, 25 of the 50 Troubleshooters were measured, and they created a Spaghetti Map of their routes and discovered they were traveling an average of 20 miles each and spending 46 minutes in their vehicles.

After identifying improvements, they eliminated 30 hours behind the wheel and the new maps helped drop the average travel time from 46 minutes down to 10 minutes per Troubleshooter. This meant they had 30 hours extra they could dedicate to responding to dispatchers and helping out at the polls.

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