King County Treasury Reduced Taxpayer Late Fees by 62%

After receiving many calls from angry taxpayers who were forced to pay extra interest and penalties on their mortgages.

Mortgage payment deadlines were being mailed, but due to outdated information in their system, many taxpayers weren’t receiving these notices. Mail blow backs were likely responsible, which are are any returned mail that was unable to be delivered.

When this mail is not received, taxpayers end up paying later and larger delinquency fees – resulting in lower customer satisfaction with the county.

They found that taxpayers who did not receive their notice letter paid an average of $409 in late fees! 

After implementing an additional two steps into their process, they saw an enormous benefit to their taxpayers:

  • In 2018, taxpayers paid an average of $253 less in interest and penalties than in 2016
  • In 2018, Taxpayers paid an average of 2.5 months faster than they did in 2016

The Treasury team is now receiving fewer angry phone calls from taxpayers and mail blow backs and less taxpayers are going into foreclosure.

Read a summary of the project, and watch the video presentation at: