King County (WA) Embraces “Best Run Government” Vision to Improve Lead Time by 54%

To provide support for the vision of the “Best Run Government,” King County in Washington (near Seattle) felt that integrating Lean and process improvement concepts was a necessity.

The message was that instead of accepting the status quo, leaders should be bold, challenge the process and work to make processes, products and services as good as they could be.

In order to simplify project selection, they focused on reducing lead time in a process, which aligned to the organization’s strategic goal of improving customer service.

Project Successes:

  • Chris Franco – Reduced Special District Funding Lead Time from 35 days to 2 days.
  • Gina Keolker & Marina Giloi – Reduced Bid Solicitation Lead Time from 29 days to 13 days.
  • Kimberly Fleming – Reduced Retirement Eligibility Process Lead Time from 3 days to same day and reduced the amount of paperwork by 50% on a 60 year retention cycle. This means about half the paper is filed for 60 years!
  • Jim Shoemaker – Reduced the Supplier Record Setup Time by 1.5 hours with a $16k savings in productivity. 
  • Jill Smith – Reduced Title Company Invoice Payment Processing from 3+ weeks to 1 day.

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