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Kanban for NGO’s and Nonprofit Organizations

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In this webinar, Colleen Johnson from ProKanban hosted Marcus Hammarberg from the School of Applied Technology </salt> and Steve Bell from Lean4NGO.

The Salvation Army in Indonesia had severe damage to the roof, they were running out of money and their permit to operate had expired. Marcus was asked to help out with little to no hospital experience.

He was able to put projects into a kanban board, and identified small projects to be done every day to make progress, without overloading anyone with too many actions.

At first, they set goals for what the hospital needed for number of customers in order to bring in enough funds, and the numbers were reviewed every day at their daily stand-up (called the “morning prayer”).

They talked about batch sizes and WIP levels, and how to decide what the best batch size should be in order to get the most amount of work completed.

Once the hospital was profitable, they shifted attention to their impact to better achieve their mission.

You can download the first 2 chapters of Marcus’ new book, “Salvation: The Bungsu Story: How Lean and Kanban saved a small hospital in Indonesia. Twice. And can help you reshape work in your company.

You can also listen to a longer version of the presentation at https://www.leansixsigmaforgood.com/how-kanban-saved-a-salvation-army-hospital-in-indonesia-with-marcus-hammarberg/

Steve Bell also discussed how kanban is used within other NGO’s, and why he set up the website Lean4NGO.org.

You can watch the webinar below at https://youtu.be/k9AcUeR6xVQ

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