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Iowa Department of Public Health New Applicant Mental Health Counselor Kaizen Event

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This event scope was to address the process from when IDPH receives the first piece of paperwork regarding a new mental health counselor to when the
license is issued from IDPH. The goal of the event was for 80% of the time to be able to issue a license within 3-5 working days of the department receiving all requirements for licensure, and to achieve a customer satisfaction rating of at least 90%.

The event plan highlighted a reduction of 20% in decisions, 40% reduction in loop backs, 40% reduction in lead time, and 40% reduction in delays and total steps.

The results were achieved by putting in a return application if there is not a fee, automatic generation of notification/updates to applicants, and more education.

Download the report out at: https://dom.iowa.gov/sites/default/files/documents/2016/11/IDPH-Licensure-Process-Behavioral-Sciences-Professionals-Report-Out-2015-07-31.pdf

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