Interviews at the 2021 State of Nebraska Operational Excellence Summit with Patrick Adams – Lean Solutions Podcast

The state of Nebraska launched the Center of Operational Excellence in 2016 to change the culture in state government and train state teammates in Process Improvement. Since May 2016, the COE has facilitated 575 process improvement projects, saving over 630,000 of work that has led to being able to put more of a focus on customer service. 

Patrick Adams from Lean Solutions Podcast attended the 2021 Operational Excellence Summit and spoke with some of the state employees at the summit. In this podcast, he covers the following topics:

  • Working in Nebraska State Government and how Lean as been implemented
  • How Lean saves for taxpayers
  • Some of the upcoming projects in the state of Nebraska
  • Success stories from the state of Nebraska, including examples from:
    • Center of Operational Excellence Lean Six Sigma Certification program
    • Managing Fixed Assets
    • Right of Way Permitting
    • Medicaid and Long Term Care Process Mapping
    • Department of Health and Human Services

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