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Interview with Brion Hurley about Lean Six Sigma Book Series – Distracted Driving Podcast

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I was interviewed by Sean Genovese on his “Distracted Driving” podcast. He is an Industrial Engineer and Lean leader with many years of experience in Aerospace manufacturing. We discuss my work applying Lean Six Sigma to “real” problems like pollution, healthcare, social issues and more in order to have a positive impact on society. We also discuss the “Lean Six Sigma for Good” book series, and a variety of random process improvement topics.

The interview was done in 3 parts, and includes YouTube links if you prefer to watch

Part 1: https://www.seangenoveseenterprises.com/distracteddriving/s02e16

Part 2: https://www.seangenoveseenterprises.com/distracteddriving/s02e17

Part 3: https://www.seangenoveseenterprises.com/distracteddriving/s02e18

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