Vermont Conducts Lean Event to Streamline Indirect Water Discharge Compliance Reporting

State of Vermont was looking to streamline the process for compliance to Indirect Discharge Program reports. Monthly or quarterly compliance data is required to be submitted for individual permits.

Reports are processed twice: one time for compliance with permit conditions and second time for administrative presence/absence. The program consists of one compliance staff person and one administrative staff person whose time is shared between multiple programs.


  • Streamline the format of data received to conform to compliance information required ​
  • Enable ability to track outstanding reports efficiently ​
  • Create capability to quickly extract compliance data and whether standards are being met ​
  • Combine data into one efficient data base with efficient dash board and report capabilities

Upon completion of the lean event, the team identified the following improvements:

  1. Continue to develop the ANR Online Application and Operating Fees Form
  2. WWI database progress is proceeding: the fields have been developed, and the system will be easy for data entry. Help will be needed with business processes to make sure we correctly communicate what the program needs.
  3. There are interests in having certain water quality data for the surface water quality database.
  4. The program has requested temporary help to catch up data entry into the WWI database.

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