Improving Workflow and Space Organization in the Recreation & Parks Electrical Shop

The Structural Maintenance Yard’s (SMY) electrical shop is one of San Francisco’s parks and recreation centers. Electricians had a hard time finding the materials they needed to do their work because materials were placed haphazardly and lacked identifiable labeling. This disorganization also led to over and under-stock issues.

Over a series of several rapid improvement meetings, the project team:

  • Analyzed workflow and space organization using the Lean 5S method (Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain)
  • Disposed of and recycled materials that were more than five years old
  • Labeled all wires and ballasts in the shop and assigned wires in a new, visible storage area
  • Moved frequently used materials closer to van loading area, creating less safety issues in loading up vans
  • Reorganized the main shop room to accommodate a computer space for Electricians to enter their time
  • Created a missing/depleted materials list posted in shop, improving inventory accuracy
  • Tracked progress using a visual management board

After conducting the project, electricians could easily find the wires they needed to successfully complete an electrical job, as they were labeled and stored in an organized and visible manner.

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