Improving the Panel Evaluation Process for Professional Services Contracting

In the city of San Francisco, Central Contracts is responsible for managing the panel evaluation process for professional services contracting for the Controller’s Office. The process was time-consuming, labor intensive and lead to delays in executing contracts.

Central Contracts worked with the City Performance Lean Team to develop improved standard score sheets and more efficient panel evaluation procedures. Over a series of several rapid improvement meetings, the project team improved the process by:

  • Clarifying the instructions in the panelist score sheets
  • Reformatting the score sheets to decrease the error count
  • Using email processes to replace some in-person meetings
  • Establishing shorter turnaround times for panelists
  • Eliminating the Panel Orientation group in-person meeting

After implementing their improvement ideas for the panel evaluation score sheets, the project team increased score sheet accuracy from 80% to 95%.

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