Improving Blueprint Review for San Francisco Parks and Recreation Centers

The City of San Francisco wanted to change how it reviews blueprints and building plans for its recreation centers. The Structural Maintenance Yard (SMY) and Capital Divisions did not consistently incorporate feedback about blueprints into revisions, resulting in hidden construction, maintenance issues and potential construction issues going unreported. The Capital and SMY Divisions convened for a joint Lean Rapid Improvement Event to improve review of plans for new and renovated park facilities.

Over three days, the project team:

  • Developed a future state process map for comprehensive
  • Created a tracking board that allows Structural Maintenance supervisors and management to see clearly which shops have not yet completed plan review
  • Developed standard templates for meeting agendas and notetaking during meetings

The results reported from SMY and Capital staff both report much greater confidence that the plan review process is effectively flagging potential maintenance issues in new construction.

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