Improving a Hiring Process at LA County With Meghan Taylor – GoLeanSixSigma

Meghan Taylor is a Senior Clerk at LA County’s Election Operations Center (EOC), and the primary focus of her role has become Lean Six Sigma Consulting. After 73% of her new election hires didn’t show up for training, Meghan found her new process improvement project: the Hiring Process.

The results of their efforts…

  • They met their recruitment goal in 4 weeks vs. 4 months
  • Employee turn-out on Election Night was 83% vs. 56% for the previous election
  • Application processing time reduced from 10 days to just minutes
  • Total process reduced from 30 to 22 steps
  • Payroll processing reduced from 5 days to 1 day
  • Employees earning overtime reduced from 40 people to just 11 people

You can go directly to the video on YouTube

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