Improving a Florida County’s Inspection Process

Permit inspections are usually part of the long and arduous construction process, but the inspections themselves don’t have to be long and arduous as well.

The Brevard County (Florida) Building Inspector recently completed two Lean Six Sigma improvement projects focusing on inspection efficiencies. Selected County employees were organized into teams to dissect and examine every part of the process.

Project 1: Implement Online Inspection Requests

Most permit applications, inspection requests and contractor licensing renewals can now be submitted through the website with instant confirmation. “Instead of calling us or emailing an inspection request and waiting for us to respond, our customers now have the opportunity to schedule their own inspections and receive an immediate response. This change saves the customer time,” remarked Dawn Verostic, customer service manager.

Project 2: Assign the Right Inspector to the Right Location

The second inspection project sought to ensure the assignment of the correct inspector to the inspection based on inspection type and location. This notifies the customer who to expect and when to expect them – allowing more coordination between inspector and customer. Improving how inspectors are assigned also has reduced the number of rescheduled inspections by half and provided more process assurance for the customer.

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