Improvement Success Stories from the State of Minnesota

The Minnesota Office of Continuous Improvement (CI) measures its performance by tracking how much CI principles are embraced and used in the state of Minnesota government. This is captured through two primary metrics: attendance in CI training programs, and completion of CI projects and events. 

Below are some of the problem-solving success stories they have accomplished: 

Providing Better Data to Reduce the Costs of Managing the Pipes and Culverts Under and Adjacent to the State’s Roads – Department of Transportation – Hydraulics Inspection Vehicle Explorer (HIVE)

The HIVE is a low cost, durable remote control operated camera built from off the shelf parts. It provides better data to reduce the cost of managing the pipes and culverts under and adjacent to the state’s roads. Better data results in cost-effective repair decisions at the right time.

The HIVE results in a more efficient repair decision. For example, an initial inspection suggested the rust and holes in a pipe were present all the way through the culvert. However, the HIVE helped show that the only last 12 ft. were in poor condition, which led to a $1,000 repair as opposed to a $45,000 full culvert replacement. 

Improving Customer Service and Quality of Care with Verifiable Positive Clinical Results through the Promotion of Sleep – Department of Veteran’s Affairs – Silver Bay’s Sleep Efficiency Program

Poor patient sleep can result in irritability, fatigue/lethargy, poor motivation, inability to cope with stress, increased emotional events and increased falls. For this project, the focus was to improve clinical results through the promotion of sleep for residents at the Silver Bay Veteran’s Home. Since January 2015, the results of this sleep efficiency program so far have led to increased sleep efficiency from 59% to 75% and decreased falls of residents from 18% to 3.5%.

Here is a link to their site for more details