IISE Conference volunteer event at Le Chainon in Montreal

At this year’s conference in Montréal, the Sustainable Development Division along with West Monroe Partners, an international consulting firm with an IE oriented practice based in Montréal, coordinated a volunteering event for the Saturday before the conference. This volunteering event served as an opportunity to give back to the community that hosted our annual IIE conference.

We hope to continue having a volunteering activity as a tradition at all subsequent IIE Annual Conferences as this is the second year now we’ve done this! This year we partnered with a local non-profit called Le Chaînon, a women’s shelter dedicated to helping women in need in Montréal.

Le Chaînon runs a store, Le Coffre aux trésors du Chaînon, that receives donations and then turns them around to either give them to the women in need, donate them to other organizations, or sell them. The revenue from the store goes back into supporting Le Chaînon’s mission.

During the short afternoon the group of IEs gathered and headed off to the store where we quickly got acquainted with the store’s triaging process in the basement. We each took a different part of the process and did everything from sorting out items received to tagging the items for resale.

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